Martes, Disyembre 13, 2011

The Hair dare.

Yay! Finally sooo after 3 days,I think,Before getting this new freakin' haircut..don't know if this was a pixie cut or kinda semi..but lalalala..I'm lovin' my new hairstyle even if there are some hater's in our school that keep's on bothering me..But i don't even care..Just try to mind their own live's...Kering keribelz yesssssssssssss..Got nothing to  caption here as musch as this....And most  of all I'M NOT A LESBIAN! So deal with it huh? I just look like one,But i don't act like one..feeling ko i'm more on being called a GAY GIRL haha! But it's just me...what i see is what i get...Moment ko to haha! xo-amiiru...till my next post..FOLLOW ME;)

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