Biyernes, Abril 25, 2014

The Spectacular Me

Hello there!! Here's my lated OOTD/OOTN Post and it felt so great to finally update this blog because I'm so/too lazy to post something new and since I'm so busy during our finals week, but well my summer has just begun and I'll make sure to update this blog more often haha!! xx :p

Beach pls.

See you again this Summer, Bora!!!

Miyerkules, Abril 2, 2014


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Martes, Marso 18, 2014

We only live once.

So here's our latest fun shoot. Hope ya guys like it! xx 

Sabado, Marso 15, 2014

It's a wrap!!!

 Hello guys!! Here's a sneak peak of our fun shoot that happened earlier and I still can't post all the pictures because I have to edit(enhance) a few photos hehe...just sharing ;-)

Lunes, Enero 6, 2014

Plaid for Christmas!

Happy new year guys!!! Cheers! I know it's kinda late to greet a happy new year but "better late than never!" right? hoho!! I love this Plaid dress from f21 ;-)