Miyerkules, Disyembre 21, 2011

Spare time.

Oh well! Hello! haha...as you can see i love to draw/paint during my spare time and aha! didn't you know that i try my best to make my drawing/painting below look so realistic haha..I knew it! It was a success haha...feeler chost! But still i'm so glad with what my work's look's like....Next time will plan to draw/paint my aunt's special request to draw their family picture...I'm so proud that when she see's my drawing/painting below on facebook she comment that i'm good haha..overwhelmed..and as i said she want's me to draw one of their family picture.....wait till my next post more drawing's/painting's of mine lol! xo-amiiru. + Advance Merry christmas and happy new year everyone! Cheer's to the freakin' year end!;)

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