Linggo, Disyembre 4, 2011

Avid camera-a-holic

My canon snappy...Thumb's up i f your'e a CANONISTA...haha NIKON ako eh:p

My 2 newest toys....haha just for fun/Collection

Oooopsss....And tadda! It's me the digital dorky dude user..Fra-lalala...

My debonair diana f+ clone......Believe it or not mom only bought it for like 50 pesos in a thrift store somewhere haha...bargain bargain price..But it's still working:):) Lucky me..haha

Hey guyz! As you see,I'm a camera-a-holic type of person..Coz i'm so into photography and collecting vintage film camera's that i usually bought in some thrifted shop's that i went to..Haha..I'm dying to have a diana f+ lomography camera,goshh! I think i'm drooling over to it more than 1 year now..haha...Pwede nkong mamatay kapag nagkaroon nko nun..haha...Talk about a major major addiction's...hoho..But sometime's i'm having a little problem's in using film camera's coz i'm just starting over to it and i'm not used in using it..Too bad that the camera' that i bought from thrift store's doesn't have a user manual guidehoho..Poor me;(...And i hope i could use it awesomely....I'm a digital camera user for almost half of my existence and ooopsss.I'm screwed in using film camera's soooo till the..will blog some more  sooon,xo:) bitin,Right? hihi

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