Lunes, Disyembre 26, 2011

Nothing more...Nothing less.

So...BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE and ADVANCE HAPPY NEW YEAR! haha...I've been busy this past few day's coz ya all know it's christmas haha! So me with my fam bam. goes to the city of pines(BAGUIO CITY) for our holiday vaca. and gosh! I'm so happy and atlast! Where whole again except that some of our family member's didn't come but i'm glad that me and my family's relationship bond's happily:') Blush....I have the best christmas experience ever..hope next christmas...Much more happier haha!...Gosh! The weather in baguio city is very different from our weather here in our place...I'm super freezing to death(I know OA) haha...Will post more photo's of our christmas vaca. maybe,Next week...NEW YEAR!;)

Btw,Got a new pair of ZARA boot's..a gift from my parent's..I was surprised and shocked when i saw this give to me by the world's greatest parent's ever chost
! haha..They handle it with care:)Of course...Feel so blessed:)

Goofing around with this telescope? tama ba ? lol

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  1. Those boots are so cute! And your hair too :)

    Cute blog :) Kisses! xxx