Huwebes, Disyembre 22, 2011

Eos lip balm-I want!

These little egg shaped lip balms are unique, cute and smell fantastic. It's a fun splurge, and if you chronically find your lip balm in your washer or dryer, this is a good product for you! (It's too big not to notice!) But if you're going to the drugstore simply for a cheap and effective lip balm, you'll find cheaper options that work just as well.


* Unique shape
* 100% natural
* Easy to find in your handbag
* larger amount of product versus typical lip balms


* A bit pricy for drugstore lip balms.
* No sunscreen


* A unique egg-shaped lip balm found at most drugstores.
* Retails for $3.99.
* Product line currently offers: Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint.

Where can i buy this here in the philippines? COMMENT:)Thank's....


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