Sabado, Disyembre 3, 2011

My Skyscraper cover.avi

This is my cover of skyscraper originally by demi lovato..I'm not a big demi lovato fan fan...but when i hear some of my classmate's gossiping about demi...hmmm..I got so curious that i've search all about the past and present of demi lovato's career and when i saw an article about how she got influence to drug's,drinking...blahblahblah i get teary eyes because she's so strong no matter what problem's and issues she i think her career in music industry will have more power than ever..And i don't even know that she goes to a rehaab center to stop some of her bad habit's...haha! Demi changed alot from barney girl to a real hottie latina babe hihi:) I really appreciate demi lovato's unbroken album even if i don't listen to some of her song's......But i can say that demi is a really strong person...She kinda inspire's me with her song skyscraper hihi..sooo i record this video of mine singing my own version of demi's skyscraper..sooo i hope yahhh like it\m/
As you can see i also love to sing haha.....Minsan kinacareer ko ang pagkanta pag may mga raket sa school
hihi...Soooo i hope you guyz will appreciate my talent in singing haha..till then xo:

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