Huwebes, Disyembre 1, 2011

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

It's my first time blogging about a music video and this is my first picked music video because this katy perry music video make's me cry everytime i watch it because it's so inspiring and it's give's a lesson about love haha...

The video was released on November 11, 2011. It begins with an old Katy Perry at a modernistic home with who is presumably her husband. She makes herself a cup of coffee and thinks about the past when the song begins. As she sits on her bed, it cuts back to a younger Perry with her boyfriend, an artist (played by Diego Luna). They paint portraits of each other, dress up, and dance at a party. He gives her a tattoo with hot ink. These scenes are inter-cut with shots of the older Perry sadly reminiscing, as she sits on her bed at night. In the flashback, the younger Perry and her boyfriend are seen fighting, culminating in her splashing red paint on one of his elaborate paintings after he did the same to one of her paintings. He leaves angrily and drives away. The younger Perry appears to the older Perry in her bedroom: younger Perry sitting next to older Perry, both singing. The younger Perry is also shown in older Perry's closet, crying and singing. The angry boyfriend is seen driving; he opens the mirror above him and finds the veil of the dress Perry wore when partying. As he stares at it, he does not notice the large boulders on the road. He tries to avoid running into it and crashes off a cliff, the car going up in flames. The older Perry is seen standing at the cliffside where the car crashed, while Johnny Cash's cover of "You Are My Sunshine" plays in the background. The ghost of the painter appears and holds hands with older Perry, revealing matching wing tattoos on their hands. However, the song in the background is cut when the ghost vanishes, and the older Perry slowly walks away from the cliffside.(Wikipedia)

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