Huwebes, Disyembre 8, 2011

My madness explodes.

Yey! Finally,look what i got..haha..I'm super happy when my lil'sis. bought it for me as her early christmas present for me...kakaloka mas marami pang pera ung kapatid ko kesa sakin haha;) I'm so poor when it come's to money..and i can't help it,When i have a money on my wallet...Gasta lng ako ng gasta huhu..I need a major major help in valuing money...Kaya siguro hindi ako nagkakaroon ng sarili kong atm card haha lol...

Vern enciso-One of my fave fashion blogger haha...Wanna see her so badly in person and offcourse laureen uy,camille co,Kryz uy,Rosanna aranaz and kookie buhain also..coz they're my fave fashion blogger's ever...and many more

Currently addicted in collecting connector rings/single rings haha..Omg! got a new addiction with tomato's changeable straps watch..They're a must have this coming season...They're super cool that you can change the strap with other strap it's so very helpful with any outfit..;)

I'll be sharing to a my new fascination...Tadaaa! I'm so obsessed with connector ring's this past few month's sooo i'm alway's begging my mom if i could buy a connector ring whenever were gonna go to the mall...shhhhhh...I don't know why i'm being madly crazy when i'm seeing this kind's of stuffs...for sure my christmas wishlist would be lot's of unique connector ring's to filled my fingers with haha..chost..xo-amiiru.

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