Linggo, Disyembre 18, 2011

My December goodies!

My new vans affordable sunnies,Just bought it for a very affordable price yesterday haha!

Dad bougth a box of our all time favorite doughnut in the whole wide world haha KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT's i couldn't resist taking a bite of it..specially the kit kat and honey glazed flavor..and i also love their christmas special doughnut's specially the snowman :?)


And yey! atlast,My mom allowed me to buy this candy mag. issue for the last time this year 2011 and next year..i will not forget to buy the first jan 2012 issue next year hihi..but still,I can't decide if i will stick to candy or preview..huhu:)(I love the candy cover girl-Ashley greene aka alice cullen)

FTW! Mom's early christmas gift for me..wuhooo! Can't wait to use this next year haha..Folded and hung satchel inspired bag...and you know,I've been droolin' to get this yesterday..yessss only yesterday and guess what i finally got it..haha! Lucky meeeee..I'm so blessed to have my parent's;) wink...wink..i'm so thankful! But i'm not a materialistic peron haha..but when i reallyu want something so bad..i wanna get is ASAP(as soon as possible) haha:) ps,I'm not spoiled..mababa lng kaligayahan ko;))

Super love wearin' this candy special issue free baller and i really adore this stuff coz it's cool..It's like there's a written word like get bitten(Team edward and dunno' what's on the other design(Team jacob i think)

This! It's only free..i only got it for free in a thrift store around our city,,and's cool..i can't stop wearin' them..and it has some word's written on it like,Never say never,Act young,feel young,No excuses FTW! haha.on my next post i will post my outfit during our christmas party, stay tuned! xo-amiiru.

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