Sabado, Disyembre 31, 2011

First day of 2012!

HOLLA! Happy new year everyone!:) Well,I wear for the second time for the first day of the year 2012 these green and white combination polka dot dress from my aunt from the state's ,I only got it last christmas and it was a gift...Obviously it should be only worn as a dress but i'm a conservative person so i wear my loose shirt from f21 and gladly it blended well...haha! My family and i's new year's eve was a BLAST! I really enjoy being with my family celebrating new year's eve and had so much fun..and my tummy's happy also with the american style food's that my mom prepared:) nomnom..I know i gained so much weight this past few day's and one of my new year's resolution is to loose weight coz it's bad for my health to be fat again like my childhood day's:( Pooooooor me...I wouldn't be able to eat yummy and tasty food's like lechon and many more...gosh! I wish i would not be tempted! wohohoohohoo...So i only hope that this year 2012 would have so much fun memories to make:) Hope sooo...and sana NO END OF THE WORLD!..PLEASE...COZ ONLY GOD KNOW'S..THE JUDGEMENT DAY:)  xo=TQF= btw,Will post some pics. soon during our new year's eve celebration:)

Martes, Disyembre 27, 2011

2012 Fashion trend's.

 (Courtesy of:

Peace on earth!

I'm just playin' with i cartoonize myself haha:)



A little twist of Hippie and indie;)Me and two of my buddies(Bea and marese) hang out in our house and so we decided to start a mini fashion photoshoot haha just for fun:) And here's my shoot's haha.. xo......amiiru;) btw,ANDVANCE HAPPY NEW YEAR LOOKBOOKER'S! Happy 2012! Don't forget to HYPE and FAN me @ LOOKBOOK!

Lunes, Disyembre 26, 2011

Nothing more...Nothing less.

So...BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE and ADVANCE HAPPY NEW YEAR! haha...I've been busy this past few day's coz ya all know it's christmas haha! So me with my fam bam. goes to the city of pines(BAGUIO CITY) for our holiday vaca. and gosh! I'm so happy and atlast! Where whole again except that some of our family member's didn't come but i'm glad that me and my family's relationship bond's happily:') Blush....I have the best christmas experience ever..hope next christmas...Much more happier haha!...Gosh! The weather in baguio city is very different from our weather here in our place...I'm super freezing to death(I know OA) haha...Will post more photo's of our christmas vaca. maybe,Next week...NEW YEAR!;)

Btw,Got a new pair of ZARA boot's..a gift from my parent's..I was surprised and shocked when i saw this give to me by the world's greatest parent's ever chost
! haha..They handle it with care:)Of course...Feel so blessed:)

Goofing around with this telescope? tama ba ? lol

Huwebes, Disyembre 22, 2011

Eos lip balm-I want!

These little egg shaped lip balms are unique, cute and smell fantastic. It's a fun splurge, and if you chronically find your lip balm in your washer or dryer, this is a good product for you! (It's too big not to notice!) But if you're going to the drugstore simply for a cheap and effective lip balm, you'll find cheaper options that work just as well.


* Unique shape
* 100% natural
* Easy to find in your handbag
* larger amount of product versus typical lip balms


* A bit pricy for drugstore lip balms.
* No sunscreen


* A unique egg-shaped lip balm found at most drugstores.
* Retails for $3.99.
* Product line currently offers: Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint.

Where can i buy this here in the philippines? COMMENT:)Thank's....


Yuletide season.

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Just posted a new look...woah! It's the season to be jolly fralalalalalalala....haha....Advance merry christmas everyone! Enjoy! Hype! Cheer's to the freakin' year end:)

Miyerkules, Disyembre 21, 2011

Jeffrey campbell night walk platform wedges.

I can’t quite believe I’m about to write this, but I think I’ve found a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I don’t hate.

I’m not saying I’d buy these, mind you: The front of the shoe is too clunky for my tastes, and much clumsier than the Giuseppe Zanotti platform wedges I love so much, or, indeed, the Alexander McQueen wedges which these seem to be taking inspiration from.

I don’t hate them, though, and I actually love the shape of the heel, so this is a big step forward for me and Jeffrey Campbell, so I figured it was a moment worth recording, even although the more I look at the shoes, the more the words “Halloween costume” spring to mind, for some reason.

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Gifts Ahoy x DE Giveaway!(Drowning equilibriums)

1st prize - satchel bag + skull necklace

2nd prize -- bow ring, forever 21 clips & stoplight necklace

Oh yesss! I joined another blog giveaway from Ms.Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums...
Hope i'll win! FTW!


1. Must be a follower of my blog via google connect and bloglovin
2. Follow Gifts Ahoy on FACEBOOK
3. Repost this giveaway (linking Gifts Ahoy) on your blog, Facebook (tag Drowning Equilibriums & Gifts Ahoy), Twitter (tag @paxieness) or Tumblr. Post the URL/link below!
4. Leave your name and email below.

Contest will run until Jan. 4, 2012. Cheer's to the freakin' year end everyone;)

Spare time.

Oh well! Hello! you can see i love to draw/paint during my spare time and aha! didn't you know that i try my best to make my drawing/painting below look so realistic haha..I knew it! It was a success haha...feeler chost! But still i'm so glad with what my work's look's like....Next time will plan to draw/paint my aunt's special request to draw their family picture...I'm so proud that when she see's my drawing/painting below on facebook she comment that i'm good haha..overwhelmed..and as i said she want's me to draw one of their family picture.....wait till my next post more drawing's/painting's of mine lol! xo-amiiru. + Advance Merry christmas and happy new year everyone! Cheer's to the freakin' year end!;)

Martes, Disyembre 20, 2011

Cambridge neon satchel's are love...

If my mom only allowed me to buy one...yes mom,only one and i will be contented this christmas haha! But next year i think...What am i already bought me a satchel like floral bag from folded and hung and i should appreciate it haha! And but i love that bag more than i love this cambridge neon satchel's...Hope there's someone who's willing to give me this,this coming christmas haha...xo-amiiru;)


Artsy fartsy ava's got a new christma's yes! i joined..yey! I'm so glad that i joined...overwhelmed lol! So here the MECHANICS on how to join ARTSY FARTSY AVA'S christmas giveaway.....Hope i win !!!!

Must be a follower of ARTSY FARTSYAVA via Google Friend Connect
LIKE TLTSN on Facebook
BLOG: about this giveaway and the new branch of TLTSN (Robinsons Galleria)You may use the pictures I have here(Make sure to leave link below)

GIVEAWAY RUNS FROM: December 21, 2011- January 4, 2012

Linggo, Disyembre 18, 2011

My December goodies!

My new vans affordable sunnies,Just bought it for a very affordable price yesterday haha!

Dad bougth a box of our all time favorite doughnut in the whole wide world haha KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT's i couldn't resist taking a bite of it..specially the kit kat and honey glazed flavor..and i also love their christmas special doughnut's specially the snowman :?)


And yey! atlast,My mom allowed me to buy this candy mag. issue for the last time this year 2011 and next year..i will not forget to buy the first jan 2012 issue next year hihi..but still,I can't decide if i will stick to candy or preview..huhu:)(I love the candy cover girl-Ashley greene aka alice cullen)

FTW! Mom's early christmas gift for me..wuhooo! Can't wait to use this next year haha..Folded and hung satchel inspired bag...and you know,I've been droolin' to get this yesterday..yessss only yesterday and guess what i finally got it..haha! Lucky meeeee..I'm so blessed to have my parent's;) wink...wink..i'm so thankful! But i'm not a materialistic peron haha..but when i reallyu want something so bad..i wanna get is ASAP(as soon as possible) haha:) ps,I'm not spoiled..mababa lng kaligayahan ko;))

Super love wearin' this candy special issue free baller and i really adore this stuff coz it's cool..It's like there's a written word like get bitten(Team edward and dunno' what's on the other design(Team jacob i think)

This! It's only free..i only got it for free in a thrift store around our city,,and's cool..i can't stop wearin' them..and it has some word's written on it like,Never say never,Act young,feel young,No excuses FTW! haha.on my next post i will post my outfit during our christmas party, stay tuned! xo-amiiru.

Martes, Disyembre 13, 2011

My hair dare reaction.

I made this video so people could see how i'm terribly glad...efffff of my new haircut..even if i'm not popular..haha.

The Hair dare.

Yay! Finally sooo after 3 days,I think,Before getting this new freakin' haircut..don't know if this was a pixie cut or kinda semi..but lalalala..I'm lovin' my new hairstyle even if there are some hater's in our school that keep's on bothering me..But i don't even care..Just try to mind their own live's...Kering keribelz yesssssssssssss..Got nothing to  caption here as musch as this....And most  of all I'M NOT A LESBIAN! So deal with it huh? I just look like one,But i don't act like one..feeling ko i'm more on being called a GAY GIRL haha! But it's just me...what i see is what i get...Moment ko to haha! xo-amiiru...till my next post..FOLLOW ME;)

Linggo, Disyembre 11, 2011

It's been a long time....

My favorite Nine west sandal's....Only bought it for a cheap price haha...I only wear it ocassionaly..

Crossed legs pose haha..I'll do this pose again in my next look...soooooooon;)

(Nine west heels,Louis vuitton satchel like bag given by my mom,Guess jeans,Unknown brand peacock accessories,Bohemian style top)

Sabado, Disyembre 10, 2011

Sneak peak...haha..wait for my next post:))

Atlast...I finally got courage to post again my looks...haha..A big tnx to my lil'sis. Who became my official photographer..and we even got a contract to sign here's a lil' glimpse of my latest look...quite a sneak preview..but wait for my next post haha..xo-amiiru

Huwebes, Disyembre 8, 2011

My madness explodes.

Yey! Finally,look what i got..haha..I'm super happy when my lil'sis. bought it for me as her early christmas present for me...kakaloka mas marami pang pera ung kapatid ko kesa sakin haha;) I'm so poor when it come's to money..and i can't help it,When i have a money on my wallet...Gasta lng ako ng gasta huhu..I need a major major help in valuing money...Kaya siguro hindi ako nagkakaroon ng sarili kong atm card haha lol...

Vern enciso-One of my fave fashion blogger haha...Wanna see her so badly in person and offcourse laureen uy,camille co,Kryz uy,Rosanna aranaz and kookie buhain also..coz they're my fave fashion blogger's ever...and many more

Currently addicted in collecting connector rings/single rings haha..Omg! got a new addiction with tomato's changeable straps watch..They're a must have this coming season...They're super cool that you can change the strap with other strap it's so very helpful with any outfit..;)

I'll be sharing to a my new fascination...Tadaaa! I'm so obsessed with connector ring's this past few month's sooo i'm alway's begging my mom if i could buy a connector ring whenever were gonna go to the mall...shhhhhh...I don't know why i'm being madly crazy when i'm seeing this kind's of stuffs...for sure my christmas wishlist would be lot's of unique connector ring's to filled my fingers with haha..chost..xo-amiiru.

Miyerkules, Disyembre 7, 2011

Quirky me

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Ohh hey there!I face suck's...but who care's I got bored so i decided to take a picture of myself haha..

Lunes, Disyembre 5, 2011

My bad romance music video.Lol

I just got bored so i decided to make a plan in making my own music video..haha
so i decided to choose lady gaga's bad romance and i know it's old but it's still cool,right? hope a all like it:) xo-amiiru

Linggo, Disyembre 4, 2011

Jellybean killer shoe's.

This is my lil'bratinella sister's new killer Jellybean shoes...hoho..I'm sooo envy when i found out that she bought it without my permission...she didn't know that when i first saw this shoes..i was like LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! haha..but nevermind it's already my sister's soooo i could borrow it nlng haha/...Hope she sould wear it properly and steady lol..

Talk about a major major ugly nail's alert..haha,btw,It's my feet:))

Avid camera-a-holic

My canon snappy...Thumb's up i f your'e a CANONISTA...haha NIKON ako eh:p

My 2 newest toys....haha just for fun/Collection

Oooopsss....And tadda! It's me the digital dorky dude user..Fra-lalala...

My debonair diana f+ clone......Believe it or not mom only bought it for like 50 pesos in a thrift store somewhere haha...bargain bargain price..But it's still working:):) Lucky me..haha

Hey guyz! As you see,I'm a camera-a-holic type of person..Coz i'm so into photography and collecting vintage film camera's that i usually bought in some thrifted shop's that i went to..Haha..I'm dying to have a diana f+ lomography camera,goshh! I think i'm drooling over to it more than 1 year now..haha...Pwede nkong mamatay kapag nagkaroon nko nun..haha...Talk about a major major addiction's...hoho..But sometime's i'm having a little problem's in using film camera's coz i'm just starting over to it and i'm not used in using it..Too bad that the camera' that i bought from thrift store's doesn't have a user manual guidehoho..Poor me;(...And i hope i could use it awesomely....I'm a digital camera user for almost half of my existence and ooopsss.I'm screwed in using film camera's soooo till the..will blog some more  sooon,xo:) bitin,Right? hihi