Sabado, Disyembre 31, 2011

First day of 2012!

HOLLA! Happy new year everyone!:) Well,I wear for the second time for the first day of the year 2012 these green and white combination polka dot dress from my aunt from the state's ,I only got it last christmas and it was a gift...Obviously it should be only worn as a dress but i'm a conservative person so i wear my loose shirt from f21 and gladly it blended well...haha! My family and i's new year's eve was a BLAST! I really enjoy being with my family celebrating new year's eve and had so much fun..and my tummy's happy also with the american style food's that my mom prepared:) nomnom..I know i gained so much weight this past few day's and one of my new year's resolution is to loose weight coz it's bad for my health to be fat again like my childhood day's:( Pooooooor me...I wouldn't be able to eat yummy and tasty food's like lechon and many more...gosh! I wish i would not be tempted! wohohoohohoo...So i only hope that this year 2012 would have so much fun memories to make:) Hope sooo...and sana NO END OF THE WORLD!..PLEASE...COZ ONLY GOD KNOW'S..THE JUDGEMENT DAY:)  xo=TQF= btw,Will post some pics. soon during our new year's eve celebration:)

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