Huwebes, Pebrero 2, 2012

Huge crush obsession

BRYCE LOSKI..............In my dreams..
Sooooo! Ahhhhhh! I wanna scream so loud when i'm seeing bryce loski's picture from the flipped movie...Btw,The actor's real name is Callin mcauliffe haha:) I admit it,I'm a huge fan of him when i watched the movie flipped..gosh! Do you know that feelin' when you see a stranger and you feel like your heart is beating so fast and you feel like someone's whispering over your ear like..Love love,it's love haha..I knowwww...He's so handsome.And he's also one of the cast in i am number four haha:) He's on the top while i am not haha...but it doesn't mean that i should push myself down coz of that..I'm gonna support him:)))))

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