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Gossip Girl Season 5 Spoilers!

Gossip Girl Season 5 Spoilers - Premiere Episode 1
Gossip Girl has been picked up for season 5, and will be returning in September 2011 - the premiere is usually held in late September - exact date not announced yet, but we'll post when it is.
Both Taylor Momsen, and Jessica Szohr will not be returning as series regulars in season 5 - only as guest stars on occasional episodes (not really a surprise I guess).
Kaylee DeFer, aka Charlie Rhodes aka IVY has been promoted to series regular so she will be back in a big way, no doubt causing trouble for everyone and getting in cahoots with Georgina. 
Georgina will continue to bring the unnecessary drama, but it should shake things up a bit.
Dan's book will be published and will stir up a whole hornet's nest of trouble, yay!
Serena's new guy (Ethan Peck as Patrick) will also be back in season 5, and she'll hopefully have a normal romance and not a crazy one like the past five or six she's had. Looks like she will also have a new career on her hands. 
Of course, the biggest news - a baby could soon be part of episode 5, is it Chuck's or Louis'? What do you think?
XOXO Gossip Girl!


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