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Facial Exercises for Cheekbones;)

High cheekbones sculpt the face and draw attention to the eyes. Firm, toned cheeks make you look refreshed and give you a youthful appearance. The muscles of the face need attention and exercise, just like all the other muscles of the body. With gravity and time, they tend to sag and lose shape, but a number of exercises have been developed that are intended to fight these effects of aging.

Fish Face

Annalise Hagen, author of "The Yoga Face," teaches this exercise in her facial yoga class in New York City. Pucker your lips and suck in your cheeks as far as possible. Using your cheek muscles, lift the corners of your mouth into a smile. Hold this for 30 seconds, then repeat the exercise three times. You should feel the warming of the muscles from the extra circulation.

Cheek-Firming Exercise

This exercise works the buccinator muscles and orbicularis oris muscles. These are the lower cheek muscles and the muscles around the lips. Carole Maggio, author of "Facercise," recommends this exercise to her students who want to sculpt their cheeks. Make an "O" shape with the lips, pressing the upper lip over the teeth. Place an index finger on the top of each cheek. Smile and push up the cheek muscles while using light pressure with the fingers as resistance. Hold for five seconds, then relax. Repeat 30 times.


This exercise is named for legendary trumpet player Louis Armstrong, who was nicknamed Satchmo. Sit with the spine erect. Take a deep breath and fill your cheeks with air. Move the air from one cheek to the other. Keep moving this ball of air back and forth until you're out of breath, then blow it out. Repeat five times. You should feel the burn in the muscles and a flush from the circulation boost.

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