Linggo, Hunyo 26, 2011

Th mesmerized continues......

seriously! guyzz i'm not in the mood to take a shoot at the model b'coz personally bcoz she kinda look's like old hihi!!!peace and my first impression at the 1st model is that she look's like sooo innocent in possing and she always asking us what she should do,and i got disappointed at first b'coz i thought that Ms.bence bianzon will be our model again bcoz she was the model for the mesmerized 1 and sadly she can't come bcoz she is from somewhere in manila were it is flooding at that time and the organizer tell us all what happened soo why that ms.bence and her crew couldn't come and i really undersand their situation.

meet my co-photography enthusiats buddy ate cia;)!

Me and my buddy ate cia.!

again it;'s us,wink wink;x

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