Lunes, Hunyo 6, 2011

My First ever Forever 21 shopping experience.

It's my first time buying some clothe's,shoe's,accesories from forever 21 and i'm sooo happy coz my dream's came true.hihi!at first when i saw the front store of the shop i was jumping bcoz of joy and i'm going to cry haha!;')

i just bought 8 items.hihi! tnx to my mom and dad for their support!;)

Love at first sight at this cute little cropped top,but it's pricey!;)

shuffle stuffs that i bought!

love my new brogues!

the must have accesories!

lol i keep all the biodegradable plastics from forever 21 and i keep it as a souvenir.

Random stuff's!

lurve my newly brought accesories hihi!
+my new cats eye sunnies from forever 21.

I just can't tell the feeling when we go to forever 21 to buy random stuffs,thank God my aunt was with me,the she bought 2 items,a very adorable sunnies and a cute pair of vintage style earrings!:)

shopping @ forever21 was really a dream come true for me hihi
! it's every girls dream shopping store♥

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