Linggo, Nobyembre 27, 2011

I wont last a day without instagram!

Almost half a year na pala akong gumagamit ng instagram hihi..;") And i can't get enough of using it..It's like i wont last a day without capturing a moment with instagram..and yikesss.....I'm sooo happy to share with you guyz some of my photos..courtesy of instagram...Instagram is my  most favorite application on my iphone because everywhere i go,I always capture every happy moments with it..and aha!!! This coming year 2012..I'm planning to sell my phone so i could buy a new apple iphone 4S haha..or my first option is the apple ipod touch white version.{: But hope i will......ohhhhhh Instagrammm is loveeee<3 xo-amiiru;)

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