Martes, Mayo 31, 2011

Stuff's that i can't live without I.

My Knickknack's:

1.My Lil'digi cam with a cute bunny keychain,Oh i just adore it,My lil'digi is soo handy that i could bring it everywhere i go. + the cute bunny bone keychain give's more compliment.
  2.Hell! Hello Kitty i'm obsessed with anything hello kitty stuff's and i just can't live without my hello kitty collection,i have a lot of hello kitty knickknack's in my room, you can see hk everywhere in my room.
 3.Accesorie's,oohh i soo loved my accessory collection and it gives me lot of compliment in my everyday outfit. Ps,you see that nikon club sticker,i have two of them coz i'm a member of nikon club ph. in our place hihi! sooo proud of .myself lol
 3.Ohhhhh camera's i have 7 camera's coz i'm obsessed of collecting them like this polaroid i haven't tried using it coz it doesnt have photo paper yet and i think it's already broken coz my mom and i only brought it in a thrift store somewhere in baguio.

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